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Playoff Games Played to Win The Stanley Cup


An interesting look at the amount of playoff games played in order to win the Stanley Cup since the NHL was founded in 1918.

Undefeated Seasons:


1928 Boston Bruins 5-0

1960 Montreal Canadiens 8-0

Most Stanley Cups Won:

24 Stanley Cups

24- Montreal Canadiens (1 non-NHL)

No Stanley Cup Awarded:

No Stanley Cup

1918 Influenza

No Stanley Cup

2005 Greed (or Lockout)

Most Games Played For A Stanley Cup Winner:

Games Played

25 - 2006 Carolina Hurricanes

Last Non-NHL Stanley Cup Winner:

Victoria Cougars

1925 Victoria Cougars

Years Since a Canadian Team Has Won:

Canadian Winner

17- 1993 Montreal CanadiansSources: Hockey-reference.com, The Complete Encyclopedia of Hockey, Zander Hollander

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