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NHL Relocation 1993-1997


A summary of NHL relocation from the 1990s.The graphic and statistics below go back the final 10 years into each team's existence. I felt 10 years gave enough of a timeline to see the effect of bad teams and bad ownership situations can have on a fanbase. And constant losing did effect three of the relocated teams, only Nordiques fans consistently filled their arena (a 96% average over their final ten years) and they had some of the worst teams in NHL history.Two other things to note:1. Attendance numbers were lower during this time and arenas were also smaller then the current generation. Plus, the numbers reported seem a little more accurate (if you believe the source I found online for historical attendance numbers, see below). Check the North Stars numbers for 1989 & 1991, no way a team today reports anything less then 10,000 in attendance.2. With a smaller league, making the playoffs was much easier. There are multiple times with teams under .500 making the playoffs, and one under .400 (1985 North Stars). Hence, making the playoffs didn't seem to give teams as big of bounce in attendance as one might expect.

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