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NHL In-Season Coaching Changes


*Updated 12/08/11A look at NHL in-season coaching changes since the 2005-2006 season. That's a lot of Devils and a lot of Ken Hitchcock.Just some thoughts on the data:It does, at least short term, seem to work (bumps in Winning percentage and Points). Getting to the playoffs, however has a lesser success rate, 44%*. And only one time has it worked to change coaches and win a Stanley Cup (Pittsburgh 08-09). Another odd thing is, the majority of the changes seem to be in the Eastern Conference (12 of 16 teams). And only one west coast team made a mid-season change (Kings) otherwise the furthest team west is the Blues (3 changes though!).* Not counting the 11-12 Blues, Capitals, Ducks and Hurricanes obviously.Source:https://www.16wins.com/coaching-data/

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