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Eastern Conference Playoff Appearances


NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Apperances

Or, "Why it sucks to be a Thrashers or Panthers fan".A more detailed look:Montreal Canadiens First NHL Season: 1917-1918Playoff Appearances: 78Toronto Maple LeafsFirst NHL Season: 1917-1918Playoff Appearances: 64Boston Bruins First NHL Season: 1924-1925Playoff Appearances: 65New York Rangers First NHL Season: 1926-1927Playoff Appearances: 52Pittsburgh Penguins First NHL Season: 1967-1968Playoff Appearances: 25Philadelphia Flyers First NHL Season: 1967-1968Playoff Appearances: 35Buffalo Sabres First NHL Season: 1970-1971Playoff Appearances: 28New York IslandersFirst NHL Season: 1972-1973Playoff Appearances: 21New Jersey DevilsFirst NHL Season: 1974-1975Playoff Appearances: 21Washington Capitals First NHL Season: 1974-1975Playoff Appearances: 21Carolina HurricanesFirst NHL Season: 1979-1980 (As Hartford Whalers)Playoff Appearances :13Ottawa SenatorsFirst NHL Season: 1992-1993Playoff Appearances :12Tampa Bay Lightning First NHL Season: 1992-1993Playoff Appearances: 5Florida Panthers First NHL Season: 1993-1994Playoff Appearances: 3Atlanta Thrashers First NHL Season: 1999-2000Playoff Appearances: 1Source: Hockey-reference.com

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