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Remarkable All Star Facts

16 Wins teamed with Inside Edge to create infographics for each starter. These infographics used Remarkable by Inside Edge to find interesting data and hard to find facts. These gave the infographics stats and data that are totally unique to Inside Edge. As a bonus...

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Wild Rebranded as The North Stars

The recent Minnesota Wild NHL Stadium Series Alumni game featuring the North Stars logo and colors got me thinking, what if the Minnesota Wild could rebrand as the Minnesota North Stars? Plenty of cities have lost their teams and have got their team name back...

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2016 NHL Trade Deadline Infographic

An Illustrated look at the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline The NHL 2016 Trade deadline day was this past Monday. And despite the fact that is was leap day, all the trades still count. Well, I’m pretty sure anyway, the CBA is confusing. The infographic shows you which teams...

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NHL Jersey Sponsorships

I thought I’d add in my two cents regarding NHL Jersey sponsorships. I tend to think if you do it you may as well go all out. The little patches on AHL jerseys look lame, and I think big corporations will want to go all in anyway. Plus, won’t that get the most amount...

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