16Wins.com was founded in 2011 as a website focusing mainly on creating hockey infographics.  Since then, 16 Wins projects have been featured on a wide variety of websites including: ESPN, Grantland (RIP), TSN, Yahoo Sports!, Deadspin, CBS Sports, NESN and many more.

Now 16wins.com has evolved and has a new mission to create and share excellent sports infographics, data visualizations, designs and more. The goal is to become a site that not only creates interesting work, but inspires others to do the same.

16Wins.com is always open to collaborations with writers and websites. Please contact 16 Wins for more information.

Along with creating sports based design, 16 Wins works with clients large and small to communicate their brand messages with infographics, websites, and print work via 16Wins.Digital.

Contact 16 Wins

Email: info@sixteenwins.com

Phone: 612-326-5199

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