Welcome to 16Wins.com

Hello and welcome to the all new 16Wins.com!

16Wins.com has been through a few iterations since it’s start as sixteenwins.com back in 2011. Originally it was a a blog to create hockey infographics, because infographics are cool and I didn’t see many hockey specific ones out there. Eventually, it became my main company name and it grew to create infographics, websites, logos and more for wide variety of subjects and clients.

16Wins.com will now focus on creating and sharing excellent sports infographics and design. In a sense, it will be going back to it’s roots, but be even better then it was back then.

Going forward, all previous content (from the original site and the tumblr blog) and new content will be categorized into three main categories:


These are bigger/longer form projects. Along with infographics they may also be video or interactive pieces.

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Quick Shifts:

Quick Shifts are smaller projects mainly quick graphs, charts and whatnot.

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Pretty self explanatory… but, just in case, links will be sharing interesting sports infographics, data visualizations, videos and design. If you have a link to share please share it here!

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There is also still a shop and some new 16 Wins items will be coming soon!

Announcing 16Wins.Digital

16 Wins as a company will still be creating websites and infographics for clients as well. But, that work and information will now be housed over at 16wins.digital instead. Please visit and get in touch for your next project!

Thanks again for your support and please enjoy the site!