Author: Dan Gustafson

Juventus Logo Reviews

This is a bit old, but I wanted to collect as many articles as I could find regarding the new bold Juventus logo.  A logo I really like and I’m looking forward to seeing on kits.   We love the new Juventus logo and here’s why it’s so important ( Stripped Stripes (Brand New) Juventus’ new badge is not an excess of modern football, it’s a well-run club leaving its competitors behind (The Independent) How Juventus’ logo redesign will usher in the age of football’s superbrands ( Juventus introduced a new logo and the internet had a field day (Fox Sports) Juventus launch...

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Utah Jazz Data Viz

Designers Drew Bingham, Jeffrey Smith and Matthew Harvey have been doing data visualizations for each Utah Jazz game this season. Visit Link (Hat tip to...

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